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Student Interests
Accounting, Finance, MIS and Economics: Analytical business majors are for students with strong math skills.

Culture, Gender and Language Arts: Includes literature and creative writing, gender and sexuality, culture and language.

Education: Students who want to teach in elementary, high school or special education.  

Helping Professions: Social work, psychology, exercise science, and sociology prepare students to understand and work with people.

Marketing, Media and Communications: Students who want to work in business but focus on marketing, sales, digital media and writing.

Music and Fine Arts: Creative fields like art, graphic design, film, music and theatre.

Natural Science and Pre-Healthcare: Biology, chemistry, environmental studies, and fields like medicine or physical therapy.

Politics, History and Law:  To study the past and future of people and governments, or considering law school.

STEM: Science and technology interests, like physics, computer science, and mathematics.

Still Exploring Majors: Students who are open and exploring ideas for majors.
Any student with a disability-related concern in regards to SOAR should contact the CLASS/Disability Resources Office at or 612-330-1053. Contacting CLASS two weeks or more prior to SOAR will help ensure that all necessary accommodations will be available. 

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Dietary Needs
For questions concerning SOAR, please contact Campus Activities and Orientation (CAO) - Orientation Programs at or 612-330-1100.

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