Adult Undergraduate Online Appointments

Thank you for your interest in meeting with us virtually about the Adult Undergraduate program at Augsburg! We are excited to connect you with an admission counselor via phone or video.

The Adult Undergraduate program is a blended format evening degree completion program for post-traditional students available in several majors. If you are interested in the more traditional full-time transfer program with over 80 majors you would not be looking for this appointment. 

The Adult Undergraduate program has opportunities in Rochester and Minneapolis and the eligibility guidelines are as follows:

  • Have a minimum of 12 transferable credits and

  • Are applying to one of the 11 eligible Adult Undergraduate majors and

  • Students must meet one of the following requirements:

    • Majoring in English as a Second Language, B.A.; Special Education: ABS B.A., or RN to BSN, B.S. with 60 or more transferable credits 

    • Have 3+ years full-time work experience since high school graduation

    • Have 3+ years of significant family care commitment since high school graduation

    • Have 3+ years of a mix of non-full time college enrollment, work, family etc. since high school graduation

    • Have military service since high school graduation

    • 24 years or older at the date of matriculation

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